Whatever you have heard about law school from your friends or family, the odds are that if they have not been to law school, then it is undoubtedly very different than what they have made it out to be. It is obviously difficult to predict what one may face in law school before starting there, but you can evidently be prepared for many things that you can be sure that you will face in school. This article can help you with some pointers and will also debunk some myths and make you aware of what you are signing up for. Law is undoubtedly a great subject to study at a good university, and it also has its challenges.

You need to know that there is a lot of theoretical stuff and that you also have to read A LOT. This can be a scary one for a couple of people. It is surely an art to managing the reading books, and you will definitely get advice from your seniors that it takes a while before you get used to the pace of learning.

When people know that you are a law student, it is obvious that they will ask you for free legal advice and it is up to you if you want to give it or not.

There is no ‘eureka’ moment, but everything will come together eventually, and you will be satisfied and happy then. As you learn few topics at a time, you may not understand everything all at once, but you will when get done with it.


You should absolutely sweat the small stuff because in law there is no “if I mess up today, I will try again tomorrow” because the law is very technical and you need to get every single word, right. You need a sharp mind for university, and you will benefit from it when there are points that you will need to understand or figure out. In a case, there will be hundreds of details that you need to be sharp enough to decipher and analyze as well. You should also be ready to remember multiple books worth of information, and it all should be instantly accessible by you. You should also be prepared to sit down and learn many cases as you become an experienced lawyer.

Being a law student will ultimately be what you want it to be. You should not think that being a law student is all about attending class and spending all your free time in the library and then finally writing a couple of exams. You should construe it as learning to work in a much respected profession.